Consultants from Intelligent Addressing take a hands-on approach to advising on the development and delivery of complex and ground-breaking initiatives requiring a mix of both information management and information technology skills. We operate primarily but not exclusively in the public sector field and have been working successfully at the heart of its transformational agenda for over a decade.

Our main focus has been on major local, national and international projects which relate to geography and the "address", and the efficient delivery of services to clients' communities and customers. Typically, we add value in three ways:

Most recently, Intelligent Addressing's consultants were instrumental in the development of the national address gazetteer for England and Wales, which is now managed by a public sector partnership, GeoPlace.

Over the past five years our consultants have used innovative processes to enhance service delivery for over 500 public and private organisations, including utilities, central and local government and the emergency services, affecting a population of some 44 million. The potential financial benefits derived from one project alone were independently calculated as being in excess of £50 million per annum.

Our skills are sought internationally. We are active in bodies reviewing world and international geospatial data standards, and designing and implementing cross-border information systems.